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I’m Diana, the writer behind this little space.

I met my husband at the very young age of sixteen.  He was a year ahead of me in school and I was completely smitten once we started dating.  Logan has this way of making everyone around him feel happy.  I think my favorite thing about him is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  We got married May 19th 2012.  I was three days away from turning 20 and he was 21.  One of our best days!

We lived in UT for 3 years where I went to cosmetology school and Logan got his degree from BYU. By the time we were ready to leave UT and move back to CA for Logans job we had a two-week-old daughter – our Gemma! – PSA – don’t move with a two-week-old haha.

We moved to Orange County where we lived for about 3 years.  We loved our time there raising our baby girl and making new friends.

We lived in Thousand Oaks, CA for a few months where we loved being close to both sets of Gemmas grandparents and lots of other family!

Logan got a job in Huntington Beach and we decided we wanted to move back to Aliso Viejo, where we had lived previously, because we just love this place so much.  We love being close to the beach and having lots of little friends for Gemma to play with.

We’re expecting baby girl #2 in January 2019 and we’re so excited!

I created this space so that I could have a place to journal, share my current makeup/fashion/home/baby favorites, and get my creativity out.

Thanks for following along!


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