The Flower Fields

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This week my Mom, Gemma and I decided last minute to drive down to Carlsbad so we could see the Flower Fields.  I visited this iconic place last year around this time and I’m pretty sure I was the only one totally tweaking out about the 50+ acres of flowers.  There are a few security guys driving around on golf carts to keep people from walking in between the flower beds, and they yelled at me probably 3 times….eeee I wanted to pick all the white ranunculus (my favorite!) and take them home with me6G4A7260.jpg6G4A7239.jpg6G4A7242.jpg.  Gemma had so much fun walking around with her Grammy.  She kept saying she loved the pink flowers.  The drive was pretty long for us getting down there but I had the best company and we made a few food stops on the way.  The chopped salad we got was so yum!

My sis and I were shopping at Anthro last week and we both bought this white shirt that I’m wearing.  Its currently on sale! I bought an XS so it would be more fitted.  Its thick enough to not show your bra through it and its stretchy!  Perfect for under jumpsuits or tucked into jeans.  The jeans I’m wearing, and have been LOVING are these. If you order them beware they have pretty much zero stretch.  I’ve had these ray-ban’s for years, they’re a classic in my mind.


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We had such a fun day!  On the way home we were all really tired of the LA traffic and Gemma started yelling “Get me outta here!! ..all these cars need to GO away!” Totally felt the same way inside.

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