Glowy Skin – Products I Love!

In this post I’m sharing my favorite staple glowy skin makeup products that I’m loving.  I am a major beauty connoisseur.  I watch hours of youtube beauty videos in my spare time and I love roaming Sephora and trying out new products.  I have been perfecting my skincare routine which I will post about later but this post is more about some of my everyday makeup.  I try lots of different products but once I find something I love I’ll stick to it for a while.  I try not to overload my everyday routine, I like to keep it pretty simple.  This list is short but these staple products make a big difference!

Glowy-Skin Products I love!

  1. I put this MAC strobe cream in the color “pinklite” on the high points of my face before anything else.  It gives off a really pretty glow that isn’t “sparkly” or “glittery”.  I put this underneath my foundation and it still shines through.
  2. I have been loving this L’oreal PRO-GLOW foundation.  Its super light, just enough coverage, blendable, and cheap! I wear color 203.
  3. This Ciaté highlighting balm in color GLOW is a game changer, for real.  I have been on the hunt for a highlighter that wasn’t sparkly, tinted, or glittery.  I think makeup looks prettiest when it doesn’t look like makeup so I wanted a highlighter that made my skin look quenched and healthy.  This one does just that.  It just adds a healthy shine to the skin that STAYS looking shiny all day long.  Its kind of tacky so if thats not your thing, you might not like this one.  It comes in an easy applicator stick that you just swipe on the high points of you face and you’re good to go!
  4. This IT cosmetics Illumination eye concealer is one I always use when I want a dewy look.  A little goes a long way!
  5. Last but not least is this Sephora Perfection Mist.  I finish off my makeup by lightly spraying this on the cheek bones. Pretty natural shine. The best!

Hope you guys are into beauty products just as much as I am!! I’m going to keep post’s like this coming!


  1. Love! Are these products what you use in the summer too? I’m looking for makeup/skincare products that will make my face look glowy and smooth, but not look greasy in hot weather.

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