Gemma turns 3!!

Last thursday our Gemma girl turned 3!! We had a small celebration on her actual birthday which included eating Special K for breakfast, that was her breakfast of choice (over DONUTS!!) playing at the park, blowing bubbles, and getting in-n-out for dinner, her fav! Gemma is at the funniest age right now, she’s been testing my patience for SURE but mainly she just makes us laugh all day.   Some funny things Gemma’s said the last little while-

She walked out of the pantry the other day and said “don’t judge me!”

When her cousin Max was chasing her around the house, she said “stop max! ..I’m so so constipated!” hahaha

We found a lizard in the house and she named it “Feta”

When she wants more of something she’ll phrase it like “I need more strawbabies, do I?”

I told her to come look at some roses and she said, “those flowers are danger!!”

I asked Gemma what she wanted to do when she grows up and she said, “marbles!”

Seriously she says stuff like this all day! I have a running list on my phone so I won’t forget this hilarious stage.

We had a little party with friends and family on Saturday, Gemma doesn’t have tons of little toddler buddies in the area but we had our friends, some little cousins, and all her grandparents over and it was super fun! We had lunch and had the littles play games. We played “pin the party hat on the llama” I bought these llama party plates at Target and decided to make a silly game based on it. We had Gemma’s bubble machine going and a piñata.  Its the best seeing how excited toddlers get about the simplest things.

Here are a few photos from her party!

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I made this “balloon arch”! super simple.  Just bought a balloon hand pump, an assortment of balloon sizes and colors and this balloon arch decorating strip.  I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while.  Other than the endless tying of the balloons it was fun!


I got Gemma this geometric print dress last week and I’m really digging the design.


I got Gemma this bubble machine for her birthday and I can’t decide if it was the best or worst decision.  She’s so happy while its going but when the bubbles run out, its not pretty!


These candy kabobs were so easy and the little ones loved them.




Girl after my own heart, a piece of candy in her mouth before we dig into the cake.


Happy Birthday little one.



  1. The party so so fun, creative & festive!! I’m glad we got to be there! Love you & Logan and your sweet Gem!!💞

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