Mothers Day Gift Guide

May is a kind of a crazy month with celebrations, we have our anniversary on the 19th, my birthday on the 22nd and mothers day.  Poor Logan right? haha.  In the past I’ve kind of always wished that I could send him a “gift guide” like this to choose from.  So this year I made one that I thought would appeal to ladies of all ages.  This is basically my current wish list!  Send this to your hubs or use it to pick out the perfect thing for your Mom.


This gift guide has a little bit of everything, some skincare, clothes, perfume.. the perfect pair of sunglasses! Everything that is pictured above is linked in the list below.

  1. Lack of Color is an australian based company that I have been loving for so long.  Thiswide fedora is the perfect casual hat.  It goes with everything!!
  2. This 100% percent silk, anti-aging pillowcase is supposed to prevent skin and hair friction, causing less hair breakage and skin creasing! sign me up!
  3. These sunglasses are part of Gigi Hadids collection for Vogue eyewear.  Just ordered these for myself!
  4.  This Stephanie Johnson jumbocosmetic case is perfect.  Looks big enough to fit all of my makeup, its waterproof, and its transparent so you can see everything!
  5. Sephora does fun Mothers day gift sets every year,  this Glam Glow supermud set is especially great!  4 of the best masks.
  6. This Jo Malone perfume is so good!  Haven’t bought it yet but like I said earlier this has been on my wishlist.
  7. Everyone needs a polaroid camera.  This mini oneis perfect to throw in your bag.  I took a polaroid of Gemma every month of her first year.  Its one of my favorite things.
  8.  A cute sweatsuit is actually harder to find than you would think, this top and bottom look so comfy.
  9. If its after 4 o’clock and I’m home I pretty much always have a candle burning in my room,  so many people have been raving about this one.


I’ve been dying to get my hand on a pink purse.  This YSL one is so great!

Every mother deserves to be celebrated! Hope you like these gift ideas


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  1. Love these ideas!! Send them along to your dad for me! I especially like the hat and sweat suit!! Love your style sweetie!!!😘

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