Palm Springs

Logan and I just got back from Palm Springs.  We spent the weekend there celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary.  We’ve decided we’re going to retire in Palm Springs one day.  We’re gonna be that old leathery couple that golfs together and sits in the pool all day!

Logan and I had to drive up separately because of his work schedule and let me tell you, my drive there was pretty funny.  I hadn’t eaten lunch before we left, and was starving so I stopped at in n out on the way.  I got a protein style cheeseburger and I got Gemma a burger and fries.  Thinking I was being super clever I stopped at a gas station close by and got Gemmas lunch all ready for her with her ketchup and all her burger broken up in one of those to-go boxes, even filled up the car with gas while I was at it and then started the rest of the way.  WELL let me tell you… eating a freaking protein style cheeseburger from in-n-out with all that spread and grilled onions and whatnot while simultaneously driving and trying to help regulate your 3 year old’s ketchup to burger ratio is nothing short of a HOT MESS! I was literally laughing as I was trying and failing to eat my sad protein style cheeseburger that was getting all over my face, car, and clothes!  But you better believe I got that thing in my mouth, and I would probably cry if there were to ever be footage released of the evidence.  So do yourself a favor and GET THE BUN!! especially if you’re the driver.

Another funny part of the drive were the windmills.  Gemma was so stoked to see those giant things!  She probably asked me 20X “Hey, hey, can we go to those windmills?!”  When I told her we weren’t allowed to get any closer she was super bummed..kinda sad but so cute to see how excited she was about them.

Sooo I thought I would just share some photos from our little get away.  While also sharing links to where we ate and a few things I wore and a list of the fun things we did while we were there!

We stopped in Joshua Tree National Park and its so beautiful!! We were only there for a few hours but I wanted to stay and explore.  Next time!

We stayed here and the hotel had great pools and rooms.

We ate at Trio our first night! So so good.

On Saturday morning we woke up early and drove out to Salvation Mountain.  This has been on my to-do list for a WHILE.  Its a hill in the desert that a local artist covered in adobe and thousands of gallons of lead free paint.  Its covered in Bible verses, christian quotes, and beautiful bright colors and flowers, my kinda place.  It’s a monument of Gods love.  It was really cool to see in person.


The blue dress I wore and love is under $30! Everyone needs it for summer!

After Salvation mountain we went to brunch at Kings Highway Diner.  Its located in the Ace Hotel and Swim Club.  It was so good.  We shared the pancakes and the Highway Breakfast.


We also went to Moorten Botanical Garden and got to get our fill of the pretty desert landscape!  Their Cactarium there is so so cute!


We had the best time EVER!   Can’t wait to grow old in Palm Springs one day haha.


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