The best Levi’s


You know how people ask, “whats your love language?” Well, good denim is my love language!! That might be a slight exaggeration but I’m such a sucker for a new pair of jeans.  I always have to keep myself from exclusively buying denim.  For the last few years or so since Levi’s have been back on trend I have stocked up on some really good pairs. My Grandpa Olson used to call every pair of jeans “Levi’s” whether they were Wranglers or True Religions, they were all “Levi’s”, how cute is that? Before you buy your first pair of Levi’s be aware that they have little to no stretch, I usually size up one size.  They also rarely run in “tall” sizes so you might be looking at ankle jeans if you’re above 5’8′ or so, which if you cut off the hem can be super cute!  I thought it would be fun to direct you to some of my favorite denim, specifically Levi’s that are for sale right now.  Direct links are in bold and underlined below.

Light wash 501 tapered jeans are seriously tempting me lately! They look to be more of a boyfriendy ankle jean. So good.

These501 skinny jeans just might be my favorite wash that I own.  I sized up in these.

I don’t own a pair of black Levi’s..yet! haha but if I were to own a black pairthese would be the pair.

Free People sells a lot of good pairs of Levi’s..they sell 19 different washes of fav washes are the “post modern blues” and “can’t touch this”.

I’ve talked about theseLevi’s shorts before but they are so good! They’re a light wash and you can roll them up to be short shorts or have them unrolled to the mid thigh.  Can’t stop wearing them!

This wedgie high rise pair is so cute! More of a straight leg than skinny.

These Levi 721’s have been super popular!  A few of my friends own these.  They’re so flattering on, and I think they have more of a stretch to them than the 501’s.

I usually go for mid to light washes with jeans but these darker cropped Levi’sare just what I need.

These Levi’s mom jeans from FP are so so cute and look to be a bit more flattering than the traditional “mom jeans”

Last but not least these wedgie straight jeans have the best wash and most flattering fit!

I don’t think I can properly express the true joy I feel from a good pair of jeans through this post, but you get the idea!  Below are links to the jeans I talked about above.  Happy shopping!

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