Both of my parents grew up in Montana.  They met there, got married, and lived there for a few years while my Dad finished school.  I have so many great memories of visiting both sets of Grandparents in Montana while I was growing up.  Since all of my grandparents have now passed, being in that beautiful state makes me feel more connected to them and brings back lots of memories.  In 2000 my parents bought their property on the lake and ever since I have spent at least a week almost every summer since in this beautiful place.  The property has 150 cherry trees filled with the BEST cherries you’ve ever tasted.  But the main reason I love our tradition of going to Montana is because its usually one of the only time all my siblings, my parents and our growing family can all spend time together.  Over the years there have been many funny and important things that have happened at the lake house.  This is where Logan asked for my parents blessing before we got engaged,  many fun tubing, skiing, wake boarding adventures, there was a very eventful speed walking race one year, we eat the BEST sweet cherry pie made by my Mom, and many more memories.  Its never enough time in Montana with the fam, and we look forward to it every year! I thought I would share some photos from our recent trip.6G4A80986G4A8099Little cabinflathead lakeClear lake water

My Grandpa Olson would always come and visit us at the lake while we were in Montana.  He lived about 2 hours away and on his way to the lake he would always stop at this little bakery and bring us fresh donuts.  We decided to head to the bakery early one morning to celebrate what would have been his 85th birthday!  6G4A81676G4A8152 26G4A81576G4A81586G4A81566G4A81706G4A8155

While we were at the bakery we shared a hot donut and caramel pecan roll.  Both of which were amazing!  This cute couple that owns the bakery frosts their donuts by drenching the hot dough in a bowl of glaze by hand! So good! If your near flathead lake you should definitely stop by the Windmill Village Bakery.

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On our last day when all the cousins had arrived I shot a couple photos of all the cousins together with Grammy and Poppy.  I just love all these faces SO much!! Wish I could figure out a way to make this week happen more than once a year.

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