Home decor sale items I’m loving

So since we moved from a one bedroom apartment to now living in a 3 bedroom house I have been on the hunt for some good home decor items!  I’ve been having this internal battle about, what do I splurge on, what do I buy at Ikea, what do I try to do myself?  I haven’t bought much yet because I’m a sucker for good sales and have had some things I’ve been eyeing and waiting to go on sale.  A lot of things I was waiting to go on sale are on todays post! I thought I would share. Everything listed below in bold is on SALE



The White Crochet Duvet cover from Anthropologie is more that 50% off!! I would for sure buy this but I just bought a white duvet cover a few months ago.

This tasseled grid throw blanket love the colors in this.

OBSESSED with this Rattan Bed, wish I had another spare bedroom to put this in!

This Bohemian Platform Bed is super cute and minimalistic.

Amelia Platform bed



This Rhys chair is timeless!! Its pretty expensive but would be cute FOREVER.

Obsessed with anything rattan so obviously I’ve been wanting this Marte Lounge Chair.

I want this mid century Sebastian Chair from WE for our bedroom.



Amelia 6 drawer dresser is super versatile and would be cute anywhere

This Marte storage cabinet would be so cute with baby/toddler clothes in in! Am I right?!

Aria microfiber sofa is such a good deal!!

Mid Century Cabinet, I might get this as a side table for Gemmas room

These Retro Nesting tables would be perfect next to a sofa and only $139!



Harvest Floor Mirror 45% off

Glass hanging pots! 30% off!

Mid century lantern 

Crochet throw pillow, 2 for $79!

Rohini Daybed cushions, $139 instead of $159


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