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I’ve been wanting to start journaling more on here.  I get an F for journaling in any other form and I thought it would be a good space to share photos and memories.

Gemma starts Preschool next week!! She keeps saying she doesn’t want to go, but I have a feeling after a few days she’ll be begging me to take her to school.  I’ve been so proud of Gemma lately because I feel like she’s coming into her own so much more.  She’s a pretty shy girl naturally but she’s been so much better about playing with other kids and making new friends.  She is the craziest/silliest girl ever around Logan and I.  We love her big vocabulary and the hilarious things she says. Like…

when we were driving home she said “I’m gonna fall asleep now because I’m tired.  If you have a problem you wake me up, okay?”

We got Gemma a goldfish about a month ago and she was so funny about it.  For the first few hours she treated it like her newborn baby.  She was hovering over the fish bowl watching her fish swim saying things like “Hi fishy! I’ll always keep you safe and I’ll never leave you alone.” or “awwwwwww fishy you’re so sweet!”

She has been asking why why why about everything!

Like “Hey mom, why is that car white?”  Its super cute until she’s on her fifteenth question and theres no end in sight haha.

We signed Gemma up for a princess ballet class and I’m so excited to see her running around in her tutu and ballet slippers.

August 27thShaws in August6G4A8436

Logan is doing great!  He’s working so hard.  His hours are about 7-7 right now and his job is going well.  He is the best to have around and I look forward to him coming home every night!  We spent last night at the beach playing with Gemma and  I can’t wait to add baby girl to the family and especially see how Logan interacts with her.  He’s the greatest Dad.

6G4A84516G4A84456G4A8453I’ve just started feeling baby kicks in the last week!  Its the best!  I got tested early for Gestational Diabetes because I had it with my pregnancy with Gemma and unfortunately I do have it again.  I just met with a nutritionist to go everything again and its really not a hard “diet” to follow.  Just watching my carb intake a little more than normal.  Lately I’ve been reading two different books I’m loving, one I am re-reading is called Real Happiness, its about meditation and the impact it can have on your life.  The other book a friend recommended to me is called Natural Birth in a Hospital.  I’m really enjoying it so far.  I’m hoping to have an unmedicated birth and its been a good read!

We’ve been loving summer time but I’m totally starting to crave fall.  I feel like a basic girl that wants a pumpkin spice candle burning while wearing sweaters and drinking apple cider.


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