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I’ve been wanting to start a journal on here about life and our everyday happenings and I’m calling it “Friday Ramblings” because that title can allow me to pretty much write about anything I want and have it fit haha.

Happy Friday!

These last few weeks have been flying.  I’m 26 weeks pregnant today.  We celebrated Logan turning 28 on the 8th!  Gemma has been in school for almost two months and LOVES it 90% of the time. (which is sort of a miracle!)  Logan’s been pretty busy with work.  With the holidays right around the corner and trying to get things ready for baby girls arrival in January it’s just making the days go by so quick.  I cant decide if I’m loving it or if I just want to stop time and enjoy these last few months while its just the three of us.


One thing I thought I would talk about on this post is what its like to marry your high school sweetheart.  With Logans 28th birthday that we just celebrated it took me back to our high school days, right after we started getting to know each other, because I remember his 18th birthday! crazy right?  I never thought that I would be one to marry my high school sweetheart or that I would get married so young.  Now that we’re 6 years into marriage and almost 10 years together I feel like there are some really amazing things and funny quirks about marrying someone you dated and married at such a young age.

  1. the many memories

we laugh all the time about our young selves and what we were like together.  the music we listened to.  the facebook status’ we would post.  our obnoxious PDA stories.  we have so many memories of our dating life and teenager-hood and I LOVE that.

2. yes, we are grown ups now!

one thing that we found to be kind of funny in the first few years of marriage were the comments some people would make to us. like “wow, didn’t you want to wait to get married till you were a little older?”  I know its a little more rare to get married young but we just sometimes felt like because we got married so young people sometimes felt like we weren’t going to succeed or that we were irresponsible for starting our lives together before solid careers/money/schooling.  For us, figuring out how to do life together was the best for us, and we had to really rely on each others support.

3.  there will always be ups and downs

because we’ve seen each other through so much and grown and accomplished a lot of “milestones” together we’ve learned that just because there might be a super stressful time or experience in life it doesn’t mean its going to last and it also doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.  Life is hard at times but with support of loved ones and our Heavenly Father we can come out on the other side having learned more about ourselves and learning how to really love each other when things might not be pretty, and thats one of the most beautiful things right?

Anyways thats a little bit about our family life right now and some of what its been like for us starting our lives together so young.





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  1. I love your little growing family so much! So proud of the amazing life you are creating and so very grateful for famlies! The family is of God!❤️

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