Easy tips for better makeup application

I thought I would share these 5 tips that have helped my makeup application go much smoother as of late!  They are all super simple and don’t require you to buy many new products.

  1. Instead of soaking your beauty blender in water swap it out for this Rosewater.  I started doing this about a month ago and it makes for an even more luminous and even finish when applying foundation.  The rosewater is $10 and should last you a way long time

IMG_5895 2

2. Skip out on applying mascara to your bottom lashes.  Your eyes will look bigger and you won’t get the fallout of mascara on your face throughout the day.

IMG_5896 23. Apply MAC strobe cream or your favorite illuminator to the high points of your face and apply a matte primer (my fav primer!) to the areas you don’t want to appear dewy.  Example – around the nose, chin, middle of your forehead.  These tricks will help accentuate the areas of the face you want!

IMG_5897 2

4. Put on a good chapstick like this Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy one or lip mask like the Laneige to hydrate you lips before a matte lip color.  The two products will blend together to create to perfect matte and not cakey color.


5. When applying concealer under the eyes avoid putting the majority right under the eye because you’ll get product built up in those lines we all have.  Instead apply a small amount about an inch under the eye and use a fluffy brush like this to slowly work a little product closer to the eye.


I also thought I would share a few ways that I have been buying some skincare products on sale as of late.  I am loving that Anthropologie is now carrying beauty products.  They have a pretty wide variety of skincare and makeup.  I always wait until they have an “anthro day” which is usually every few months where they offer about 25% off anything and sometimes free shipping!  I stock up on essentials that they sell while this is going on.

Dermstore is another great site that frequently has sales and will give you a discount on subscribing for an item you know you use a lot of.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!




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