Zuzu’s Birth

Suzanna Rose is here!! She joined our family almost a month ago and we are SO happy to have her earthside. The last little while has been so happy and tiring. Zuzu has such a sweet temperament, its crazy how it somehow feels like she has been here way longer than a just a few weeks.

This time around I decided I wanted to understand the whole process of birth better and so I read books, listened to lots of birth stories, watched some documentaries and decided that I wanted to have a midwife and hopefully go unmedicated.

Logan and I took a really great class that helped us wrap our heads around everything a bit better and it was really informative and awesome! Lots of coping techniques and tips for your partner to help you in labor. I always left feeling really excited about not only the babies arrival, but excited about the birth experience as well.

So the actual birth story! Around 37.5 weeks I started having tons and tons of braxton hicks contractions leading up to actual labor. They were really throwing me off because they would be super consistent for like 4 hours and then they would stop. I kept thinking that I was in early labor and they would start getting more intense but sure enough they would stop. After like the 10th day off this I felt kind of defeated and texted my midwife and asked if there was anything we could do to induce labor naturally. Because I was dilated to a 3 over a week before this point she said the only thing we could do was schedule an induction and I agreed to do so. We talked Tuesday morning and scheduled the induction for early the next morning! Which was 2 days before my official due date.

All Tuesday I had contractions but didn’t think much of it because I figured they were just Braxton Hicks again. I got ready for bed and fell asleep for about 45 minutes and ended up being woken up by painful contractions, I was excited and could tell these were different because I had to breath through them.  The contractions were painful but doable on my own so I let Logan sleep.  I just listened to my birth playlist and got ready in between contractions.  So after about 6 hours it was time to head to the hospital for the induction.  I was hoping that I would be more dilated and wouldn’t have to get any pitocin by the time we arrived because this time I was positive I was in labor! 

My parents had come over tuesday evening so we were good to go to the hospital early in the morning.  After we got there and got to our room my midwife arrived and checked me.  I was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.  I was so happy that the contractions were doing their job! 

The midwife broke my water and left us in our room to deal with contractions and for about 2 hours.  I did lots of deep breathing,  Logan did hip squeezes during contractions (I mean, what a champ) and the counter-pressure helped so much with the pain!  The pain was manageable and I felt pretty confident about how things were going. 

The nurse checked me after about 3 hours of labor and I was still at a 6.  I was preparing myself for hours more of contractions.  The nurse had been monitoring the babies heart beat every 20 minutes so that I was free to move throughout labor, but as the contractions progressed it was hard for them to get an accurate reading without having the monitor strapped on my belly.  They suggested that I lay on the hospital bed so they could get a better reading and I agreed but because the contractions were progressing laying on the bed sounded pretty awful.

Really quickly after we started monitoring the baby the contractions got CRAZY painful and it felt like I had almost no break in between them.  I started questioning if I could really continue without medication and I had tears running down my cheeks because this was feeling almost beyond what I could handle.  Logan was super supportive and helpful. Things started getting foggy at this point.  A bunch of nurses started coming in and my midwife arrived.  Even though I wasn’t really aware the nurses recognized that I was in transition and that it was almost time to start pushing. 

After the midwife came in I quickly told her I felt the urge to push.  I felt scared and overwhelmed and was frustrated because I thought I would be so prepared for the pain but when it was so intense almost all my coping skills left my mind and all I could think about was getting away from the pain.  I felt like if there was any way to get out of this situation I would have taken it! Buuuut too late. hah.  Logan, the nurses and the midwife were super encouraging and I began pushing.

After about 10 minutes of pushing and lots of instruction for my midwife, I started getting a hang of what I needed to do to help the baby come out and shortly thereafter the midwife said she had arrived!  The crazy pain was gone immediately and I reached down and grabbed Zuzu and put her on my chest.  I felt so peaceful and happy and was pretty emotional.  I remember saying I thought she looked just like Logan.  She was here with us after what felt like forever waiting for her and I was beyond happy.

My entire pregnancy Zuzu felt like this light that brought me so much peace.  I have had some hard things that I’ve been through the last few years and she gave me this renewed hope and I knew everything in life was worth the bad because the good overshadowed it 1000 times over.

I love my Logan, my Gemma and my Zuzu so so much!  My family means everything.  

Congrats to you if you read this whole post! 

Diaper Bag Roundup

Thought it would be fun to share some of my fav bags out there right now that are cute and can be turned into a diaper bag with the Tote Savvy. I haven’t ever been a big fan of most of the traditional diaper bags because they tend to be really bulky and its really hard to find cute ones.

I discovered this product called Tote Savvy that is such a game changer! Its a nylon insert that can go in any bag or tote. It has all these perfect pockets and spaces for you to organize your bag. In the past I would use normal purses and backpacks for a diaper bag but it was pretty impossible to keep things organized with all I had to pack for a baby.

You can easily fit all of this in the tote savvy and slide it in your bag for the day.

Processed With Darkroom

Below are photos of my fav bags that could easily be made into a diaper bags! If you click on the photo it will take you to the direct links.

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Baby Girls Nursery

When we moved into our current place it was such a big change for us because we had moved from a one bedroom apartment where we were all really…..cozy haha. Not that this place is huge but having 3 bedrooms was such a nice change. I was just barely pregnant when we moved in and when I would pass this room I would imagine what it would look like with a crib and baby things inside.

I thought it would be fun to share how the nursery turned out. I wanted this little space to be super inviting and a relaxing place our baby could sleep and play. I have the best time watching spaces like this come together.

Love this crooked fiddle leaf fig tree. Now, lets see if I can keep her alive! This 3 drawer dresser from West Elm is a great size for the space. Tassel throw blanket is from Urban Outfitters. Crib is from Ikea.

I shared this print from Lennon & Birdie on my insta a month or two ago. I love it so much and everything else that she sells through her small shop.

My sweet Dad built me that little table on the left, and it really helped bring the room together. Also a perfect little spot for baby toys to rest. Bookshelves are from Ikea. Shag rug is from Lulu & Georgia. I was on the hunt for something light that I could hang above the crib, and when I came across Upton Home canvas prints I had to grab one for the nursery. I love how happy it is. Wire baskets under the table are from Target.

K these little bookshelves are the best deal from Ikea. $12 for each shelf. Love how you can display the cute book covers.

Double curtain rods are from West Elm. Rocking chair is from Target, on sale right now! its on the small side which is perfect for this small space. Globe Lamp is also from Target. Faux sheepskin is from Ikea. Can’t wait to rock baby girl and see her sleeping in that crib. 37.5 weeks and baby can’t come soon enough!

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Dream Baby Registry

Since I am in the third trimester of this pregnancy (YAY!) I thought it would be fun to put together a “dream registry” post to share not only the baby things I have loved in the past with Gemma but also share what I have purchased thus far, and baby items that I would most definitely purchase if I could fit them in my budget!  So this post is a bit of a marathon haha. I put in a little bit of everything except for nursery decor/furniture and toys.  I’m planning on doing a post on the nursery once we finish it up in the next month or two.



I bought this Vava humidifier because of the price and it was one of the prettiest in my mind.  I didn’t have a humidifier with Gemma but I’ve heard they help babies so much when they’re so little and breathing through those tiny noses.

How beautiful is this Uppa Baby Vista stroller?!  My favorite color is the Gregory Blue.  I’m not sure if I can fit this in my budget so I’m looking to buy one second hand.

The DockATot!  I’m so excited for baby girl to cozy up in this.  DockaTot gifted us the Deluxe in the color – Extreme white.  I have heard from so many people that they absolutely can’t live without this.  Whether that be for babies or toddlers its almost always the same.  I’m excited to try it with baby girl and let you know how she likes it!  This company is known for its high quality and incredible reputation.  In the past it was hard for me to relax enough to sleep with a newborn lying next to me, but knowing she’ll have her own safe spot will help so much.

This Keekaroo Peanut changing pad is so appealing because you can wipe it clean.  With a newborn that needs their diaper changed around the clock I might just have to trade in my Summer Infant changing pad for this one.  We’ll just have to see how much laundry I can handle haha.

With a non napping toddler running around the house I figured this Dohm sound machine was a must for nap time.

Plum & Sparrow Bassinet.  So excited to see a little one sleeping in this!  I had a Moses basket bassinet with Gemma and she loved it for the first few months, but it was a different brand and wasn’t the best quality, so it didn’t hold up well. Also Design Dua bassinets are great as well.  They’re having a black friday Sale TODAY!

Bought this IKEA crib for baby.  I had a black Jenny Lind one with Gemma and it was still in great condition but didn’t really go with any of our nursery stuff.  Because the Ikea one is such a great price I swapped it out.

Binxy baby hammock!  I received this product compliments of Binxy Baby.  This baby hammock is such a good invention!  I didn’t have one with Gemma and shopping with a new baby always felt kind of awkward because I never had a good place to put her.  Instead of having to worry about lugging in the whole carseat to the store before your baby can sit up in the cart, this light weight hammock is so much easier to bring with you and will attach to almost any shopping cart.  Your baby can relax and look up at you while you shop!  I got the “coming up roses” print.  Going to let you know how we like it once baby arrives.




I was reading on a baby app that at 28 weeks your baby can smell the amniotic fluid surrounding them and when they’re born they recognize their mother by their scent.  I thought that was so cool!  I want to keep my babies close while we’re out and about but also while we’re home and they are so little.

Wildbird baby wrap –  color Warbler.  Got this in the mail a few weeks ago and can’t wait to put it to use.  I thought this color would be super versatile.

Ergo Baby 360 Carrier – my sis in law got this for me when I was pregnant with Gemma and I really loved using it with her.   Especially when I wanted to go hiking or exercise while baby wearing.  I felt like she was super sturdy and safe in there.

Solly Baby Wrap – color Custard.  When Gem was tiny I used the Solly often and we both really loved it.  I was gifted this color from Solly and I honestly want to buy every color they sell.  So many good options!



Hooded baby towel – is there anything better than a baby cozied up in a bath towel with animal ears? i dont think so.

Natural Newborn Brush set – Just got these for baby and I’m excited to let you know how I like them.

Babyganics  I love knowing I’m using good products especially on my children.  I love that these are plant based products that are pretty socially responsible.

Muslin washcloths – These are so soft and perfect for gentle baby skin!

Puj Tub – This was the best thing ever with Gemma and I’m looking forward to using it again with baby girl.  Bathing a baby is awkward because they’re so tiny and can’t support their head yet.  When you put this in a typical bathroom it creates the perfect little supported spot for them to be bathed.  We bathed Gemma in this until she was about 5 months old.  It also folds up so you can store it somewhere easily!




These items are for feeding/nursing your babe.

With Gemma I breastfed her for about 9 months, without her taking a bottle, until she self weaned.  I have to admit it was hard the first few months not being able to ever leave her for more than an hour or two.  We made the mistake of waiting too long to introduce the bottle.  This time around I’m going to try to give baby girl one bottle of breastmilk a day when she’s a week or two old so that she gets used to the bottle as well as breastfeeding.  I’ll let you know how this goes! 

Spectra Pump –  got this S2 pump through Aeroflow Breastpumps and have only heard great things about it.  I wanted to get the S1 thats battery powered, which would give me more freedom with where I could pump but my insurance didn’t cover it.  

Haakaa breastbump – Have heard lots of great things about this super cheap and simple silicone manual pump.  The main reason I wanted to get it was to catch any milk from letdowns when I’m feeding the baby on the opposite side.

Washable Nursing Pads – Picked these up on my most recent Target run!  I’m excited that they’re made from bamboo which means they won’t irritate my skin and I also love that I can wash these and reuse them.

Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads – For the first few days/weeks when you’re body is getting used to nursing these were a life saver!! You probably wouldn’t think that just wearing a t-shirt would irritate you but it does!  Wear these for the first few days when you need to get dressed and leave the house and then you’ll want to get your skin acclimated to living without them.

My sister successfully breastfed and bottle-fed her baby with breastmilk from the beginning and she said she loved the Dr. Browns bottles with the premie nipple.  Going to give these a try.  Also heard great things about Como TomoWhen Gemma did self wean we used these glass Avent bottles.  I’m sure it will probably be a little bit of trial and error to find what suits the baby.

Breastmilk storage bags & Lanolin are a must!  My sis told me about a prescription nipple cream called Newmans ointment after I had Gemma that works even better than Lanolin..that was essential!  Ask your care provider about it if you have a new babe.




A while ago I ordered a 3 pack of these wooden pacifier clips from amazon.  Can’t find the exact link for those but these are pretty much the exact same and only $3 each!

Gemma has been obsessed with her Little Giraffe chenille blanket since day one so we had to get one for baby as well.

Love these basic long sleeve baby gowns, and the price can’t be beat!

3 pack of these orthodontic pacifiers

Congrats if you made it to the end! haha baby stuff is so fun.  Can’t wait to put these goodies to use once she arrives!




















Pregnancy Essentials & Bump Update

20 weeks 2

I feel like we were waiting for so long to get pregnant with this baby.  Like I have said before we don’t have a hard time getting pregnant but we had life get in the way of having another child and when we finally did get pregnant with baby girl I was so excited.  I went for an OB check up before we even started trying and just looking at the ultrasound monitor gave me all the feels.  I could imagine seeing a little baby bean and hearing the heartbeat and I could’t help but feel excited and hopeful and scared all at the same time.

Because I felt like I had been waiting and waiting for baby number 2 I have had a totally different outlook this time around.  Not that I didn’t love being pregnant with Gemma, but this experience I’ve just felt more in tune. I already weigh more at the halfway point of this pregnancy than when I delivered Gemma full term but its honestly not even on the forefront of my mind. (Which coming from me is saying a lot)  I’m loving feeling every kick and I’m embracing the changes my body is making instead of resenting them.  Instead of fearing birth I’m actually so excited to give birth again and I think that birth can be one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life.

There have been a few things that have been totally saving the day this pregnancy and I wanted to share for other mamas out there.

Links are in bold and underlined.

  1. GOOD pair of maternity jeans. 

Around 12 weeks I just couldn’t handle anything tight around my belly and I decided to break down and buy a cute pair of maternity jeans.  I decided on these Madewell skinny jeans with the full panel and have been loving how soft and stretchy they are.  Order one size down.  Haven’t bought these Madewell jeans in black yet but I’m pretty tempted too.

2. Hydroflask

Drinking TONS of water from my Hydroflask has really helped me stay cool and has kept my digestion on track..pun intended! haha but when you have a growing baby in your belly you can use all the help you can get.

3. Comfortable sweatsuit

I bought this Nike sweatsuit set during the anniversary sale and its the softest and most comfortable thing. Top and Bottom  in grey.  Pretty much what I’m wearing if its after 7pm, just ask Logan!

4. Positive Affirmations

Saying out loud or in your head positive affirmations.  Whether that be about your body, the baby, your life, your blessings.  It has really helped me have the proper mindset and positive/hopeful outlook I want to have.

5. T-shirts

You’re probably like..duh!  But if you haven’t been prego before buying a shirt that is actually long enough to cover your bump and is comfortable and breathable can be a game changer.  Love this one..and this one.

6. Pregnancy Pillow

This one is so essential!! Just got this memory foam one and love it!  I never bought a pregnancy pillow with Gemma and it is so great to be able to have something to put between your legs and help you stay on your side.

7. Birkenstocks

My feet don’t get super swollen but I am already a sweaty mess and wearing sandals just seems like the only logical option.  Also I got a pair of Birkenstocks when I was pregnant with Gemma 4 years ago and they have held up so well.  Worth every penny!

8. Shea Butter

Gemma was only 5lbs 11oz and I still got a few stretch marks.  Which is a bit of a bummer, I would like to keep them at a minimum this time around if I can.  Shea butter is super hydrating.  I am just hydrating everything, drinking tons of water, oiling up my face with my fav Biossance oil and my belly with Shea butter.  Logan doesn’t even want to get near me while we’re in bed haha.  He thinks all the moisturizers are sticky and will make him break out.  Kid doesn’t know what he’s talkin about haha.


I am all about anything that helps a prego mama out.  Hopefully you liked reading about these things that have helped me out.

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Baby No. 2!!!

Baby no. 2 is on its way! Logan and are so grateful for this blessing and we can’t wait to add another little one to the fam. I thought I would share some details on here for those that are interested.

1. Was it planned?

YES! We were/are so looking forward to having another baby. We haven’t had a hard time getting pregnant but other things in life have gotten in the way for the last year or so. When it felt like the right time to try, we were beyond excited about having another baby.

2. When did you find out?

We actually found out on Mother’s Day! It was kind of funny actually. For whatever reason I was just having one of those days (probably because I was pregnant and hormones!) where everything felt like it was going wrong in life and I was feeling super negative. I was sure I wasn’t pregnant that month and while I was talking to Logan about being down he was like “wait when can you take a test?” I looked at the calendar and realized that I could take the test. I took the cheap dollar store test and after a few minutes there were two lines! My mood obviously shifted and we were both SO happy. But just to be safe I bought more test and kept taking them over the next few days just to be sure haha.

3. How far along are you? When’s your due date?

I’m 13.5 weeks right now and the due date is January 22nd! Which is kind of fun, because it’s my Moms birthday ❤️. Gemma and this little one will be about 4 years apart.

4. Has this pregnancy been different than with Gemma?

Totally different!! I was sick with Gemma for the first trimester, I threw up everyday a few times until about 14 weeks. This pregnancy I’ve definitely had my times of feeling nauseous but it’s way more manageable, and I haven’t had to throw up. Yay!! But the lack of energy has been the same with this baby as it was with Gemma. There have been a few days where I’ll get a good 8 hours of sleep and decide I need a nap at 10am. I’m feeling much more energetic now!

5. Is Gemma excited for the baby?

She’s been so funny about it. She’ll say things like “there’s a baby in Mommy’s belly!” And “can I see the baby?” She even kissed my belly the other day voluntarily and it was so cute but most of time I don’t think she remembers or really realizes what’s going on, especially since I don’t really have a bump yet.

6. How did you find out the gender so early?

We found out yesterday! We were so anxious to know, and my friends had told me about going to this ultrasound place, where they’ll tell you the gender as soon as 13 weeks, and if they can’t tell you 100 percent, you can come back in a week or two for free! So I figured, why not? We were both pretty sure it was a boy and we all we randomly wearing blue to the appointment. We told the tech that we thought it was a boy. What we didn’t tell her is that Logan and I were both hoping for a girl. So when she told us she went …” well, it’s not a male!” And I was like “it’s a female?!” haha not “it’s a girl?” We’re pretty surprised!!

Well I think that’s pretty much all I have to share! So excited for January and this baby girl!