Home decor sale items I’m loving

So since we moved from a one bedroom apartment to now living in a 3 bedroom house I have been on the hunt for some good home decor items!  I’ve been having this internal battle about, what do I splurge on, what do I buy at Ikea, what do I try to do myself?  I haven’t bought much yet because I’m a sucker for good sales and have had some things I’ve been eyeing and waiting to go on sale.  A lot of things I was waiting to go on sale are on todays post! I thought I would share. Everything listed below in bold is on SALE



The White Crochet Duvet cover from Anthropologie is more that 50% off!! I would for sure buy this but I just bought a white duvet cover a few months ago.

This tasseled grid throw blanket love the colors in this.

OBSESSED with this Rattan Bed, wish I had another spare bedroom to put this in!

This Bohemian Platform Bed is super cute and minimalistic.

Amelia Platform bed



This Rhys chair is timeless!! Its pretty expensive but would be cute FOREVER.

Obsessed with anything rattan so obviously I’ve been wanting this Marte Lounge Chair.

I want this mid century Sebastian Chair from WE for our bedroom.



Amelia 6 drawer dresser is super versatile and would be cute anywhere

This Marte storage cabinet would be so cute with baby/toddler clothes in in! Am I right?!

Aria microfiber sofa is such a good deal!!

Mid Century Cabinet, I might get this as a side table for Gemmas room

These Retro Nesting tables would be perfect next to a sofa and only $139!



Harvest Floor Mirror 45% off

Glass hanging pots! 30% off!

Mid century lantern 

Crochet throw pillow, 2 for $79!

Rohini Daybed cushions, $139 instead of $159


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Everyday makeup favorites

I have found quite a few new makeup products the last month or two that I just have to share.  My favorite makeup to buy are skin products ie. foundations, concealers, contour highlighters, these might seem boring to some but there is such a difference when you apply good products, and it just accentuates your natural bone structure and skin tone.  I hope you guys love these products as much as I do!!

Below the links to products are written in bold.



Everyday Makeup

  1. This glam glow moisturizer is perfect to put on before foundation.  Adds a perfect glow and evenness to the skin.
  2. I am obsessed with these Tiger Grass Camo Drops.  I have always had a red undertone to my skin and these drops are meant for color correction.  They are green when they come out of the dropper and then they turn a perfect beige color when they touch the skin.
  3. Sunday Riley foundation.  I initially reached for this foundation because if I’m going to put makeup on my face I don’t want it to affect my skin.  Because Sunday Riley is one of my favorite skincare lines I decided to try it out.  I love that its medium to full coverage but its super light!  Apply this with a beauty blender and you’ll have the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup.
  4. The Fenty Beauty match stix are all so good!  This amber color is perfect for a light contour.
  5. Super into this Hoola bronzing stick by Benefit.  Its a cream-to-powder bronzer that adds just the right amount of warmth that makes you look sun-kissed.
  6. I have been stuck on this Nars soft matte concealer for months.  It stays put throughout the day and makes those dark circles we all have under our eyes disappear! I use the shade – vanilla for under eyes and the shade – creme brulee for blemishes.
  7. Cover FX custom enhancer drops are my favorite product on todays post.  I have been loving the color sunlight but to be honest I want to buy almost every shade because they are so creamy and add a natural highlight to anywhere you apply it.
  8. This Galifornia blush by Benefit is the perfect peachy blush and brings life to the cheeks!  I have the mini and its only $15.  I’m sure it will last me months.
  9. I have said before that I didn’t have a favorite brow product and now I have found my FAVORITE! This Kat Von D pencil is different than any other because it has a super thin tip that allows you to create a micro bladed look with individual hair strokes.
  10. Fav new drugstore mascara is the Loreal Voluminous Superstar.  I hear about this from Skinny Confidential.  I love that it has a built in primer that helps to add length and thickness to the lashes before you apply the final coat of mascara.

These everyday makeup products are some that I’m sure I will be using for years!  Hope you guys are into makeup as much as I am.

Below are photos and links to buy the products from above

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Both of my parents grew up in Montana.  They met there, got married, and lived there for a few years while my Dad finished school.  I have so many great memories of visiting both sets of Grandparents in Montana while I was growing up.  Since all of my grandparents have now passed, being in that beautiful state makes me feel more connected to them and brings back lots of memories.  In 2000 my parents bought their property on the lake and ever since I have spent at least a week almost every summer since in this beautiful place.  The property has 150 cherry trees filled with the BEST cherries you’ve ever tasted.  But the main reason I love our tradition of going to Montana is because its usually one of the only time all my siblings, my parents and our growing family can all spend time together.  Over the years there have been many funny and important things that have happened at the lake house.  This is where Logan asked for my parents blessing before we got engaged,  many fun tubing, skiing, wake boarding adventures, there was a very eventful speed walking race one year, we eat the BEST sweet cherry pie made by my Mom, and many more memories.  Its never enough time in Montana with the fam, and we look forward to it every year! I thought I would share some photos from our recent trip.6G4A80986G4A8099Little cabinflathead lakeClear lake water

My Grandpa Olson would always come and visit us at the lake while we were in Montana.  He lived about 2 hours away and on his way to the lake he would always stop at this little bakery and bring us fresh donuts.  We decided to head to the bakery early one morning to celebrate what would have been his 85th birthday!  6G4A81676G4A8152 26G4A81576G4A81586G4A81566G4A81706G4A8155

While we were at the bakery we shared a hot donut and caramel pecan roll.  Both of which were amazing!  This cute couple that owns the bakery frosts their donuts by drenching the hot dough in a bowl of glaze by hand! So good! If your near flathead lake you should definitely stop by the Windmill Village Bakery.

6G4A81246G4A81756G4A8240IMG_4733 26G4A82896G4A8259

On our last day when all the cousins had arrived I shot a couple photos of all the cousins together with Grammy and Poppy.  I just love all these faces SO much!! Wish I could figure out a way to make this week happen more than once a year.

6G4A82936G4A8176 26G4A81976G4A8299

Baby No. 2!!!

Baby no. 2 is on its way! Logan and are so grateful for this blessing and we can’t wait to add another little one to the fam. I thought I would share some details on here for those that are interested.

1. Was it planned?

YES! We were/are so looking forward to having another baby. We haven’t had a hard time getting pregnant but other things in life have gotten in the way for the last year or so. When it felt like the right time to try, we were beyond excited about having another baby.

2. When did you find out?

We actually found out on Mother’s Day! It was kind of funny actually. For whatever reason I was just having one of those days (probably because I was pregnant and hormones!) where everything felt like it was going wrong in life and I was feeling super negative. I was sure I wasn’t pregnant that month and while I was talking to Logan about being down he was like “wait when can you take a test?” I looked at the calendar and realized that I could take the test. I took the cheap dollar store test and after a few minutes there were two lines! My mood obviously shifted and we were both SO happy. But just to be safe I bought more test and kept taking them over the next few days just to be sure haha.

3. How far along are you? When’s your due date?

I’m 13.5 weeks right now and the due date is January 22nd! Which is kind of fun, because it’s my Moms birthday ❤️. Gemma and this little one will be about 4 years apart.

4. Has this pregnancy been different than with Gemma?

Totally different!! I was sick with Gemma for the first trimester, I threw up everyday a few times until about 14 weeks. This pregnancy I’ve definitely had my times of feeling nauseous but it’s way more manageable, and I haven’t had to throw up. Yay!! But the lack of energy has been the same with this baby as it was with Gemma. There have been a few days where I’ll get a good 8 hours of sleep and decide I need a nap at 10am. I’m feeling much more energetic now!

5. Is Gemma excited for the baby?

She’s been so funny about it. She’ll say things like “there’s a baby in Mommy’s belly!” And “can I see the baby?” She even kissed my belly the other day voluntarily and it was so cute but most of time I don’t think she remembers or really realizes what’s going on, especially since I don’t really have a bump yet.

6. How did you find out the gender so early?

We found out yesterday! We were so anxious to know, and my friends had told me about going to this ultrasound place, where they’ll tell you the gender as soon as 13 weeks, and if they can’t tell you 100 percent, you can come back in a week or two for free! So I figured, why not? We were both pretty sure it was a boy and we all we randomly wearing blue to the appointment. We told the tech that we thought it was a boy. What we didn’t tell her is that Logan and I were both hoping for a girl. So when she told us she went …” well, it’s not a male!” And I was like “it’s a female?!” haha not “it’s a girl?” We’re pretty surprised!!

Well I think that’s pretty much all I have to share! So excited for January and this baby girl!

Summer Dresses

Links to the best summer dresses in bold below!

  1. This floral peasant dress I have is perfect for summer.
  2. Obsessed with this pink mini dress

3. This striped shirt dress is a perfect casual basic.

4. Mock neck mini dress

5. Coral orange midi dress is the perfect pop of color.

6. Blush pink dress with ruffle sleeves

7. I’ve had this dress in my virtual cart for weeks! I might just have to finally buy it.

8. This timeless Free People midi dress will never go out of style!

9. This striped linen button up dress has the perfect pastels.

10. Have and love this gold wrap dress!


11. Need this classic pink dress! so good.

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The best Levi’s


You know how people ask, “whats your love language?” Well, good denim is my love language!! That might be a slight exaggeration but I’m such a sucker for a new pair of jeans.  I always have to keep myself from exclusively buying denim.  For the last few years or so since Levi’s have been back on trend I have stocked up on some really good pairs. My Grandpa Olson used to call every pair of jeans “Levi’s” whether they were Wranglers or True Religions, they were all “Levi’s”, how cute is that? Before you buy your first pair of Levi’s be aware that they have little to no stretch, I usually size up one size.  They also rarely run in “tall” sizes so you might be looking at ankle jeans if you’re above 5’8′ or so, which if you cut off the hem can be super cute!  I thought it would be fun to direct you to some of my favorite denim, specifically Levi’s that are for sale right now.  Direct links are in bold and underlined below.

Light wash 501 tapered jeans are seriously tempting me lately! They look to be more of a boyfriendy ankle jean. So good.

These501 skinny jeans just might be my favorite wash that I own.  I sized up in these.

I don’t own a pair of black Levi’s..yet! haha but if I were to own a black pairthese would be the pair.

Free People sells a lot of good pairs of Levi’s..they sell 19 different washes of 501skinnies..my fav washes are the “post modern blues” and “can’t touch this”.

I’ve talked about theseLevi’s shorts before but they are so good! They’re a light wash and you can roll them up to be short shorts or have them unrolled to the mid thigh.  Can’t stop wearing them!

This wedgie high rise pair is so cute! More of a straight leg than skinny.

These Levi 721’s have been super popular!  A few of my friends own these.  They’re so flattering on, and I think they have more of a stretch to them than the 501’s.

I usually go for mid to light washes with jeans but these darker cropped Levi’sare just what I need.

These Levi’s mom jeans from FP are so so cute and look to be a bit more flattering than the traditional “mom jeans”

Last but not least these wedgie straight jeans have the best wash and most flattering fit!

I don’t think I can properly express the true joy I feel from a good pair of jeans through this post, but you get the idea!  Below are links to the jeans I talked about above.  Happy shopping!

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Beachwear for Summer

I’ve always lived for summer.  By far my favorite season.  I love the feeling of spending a day under the sun and coming home at the end of the day, tired and happy.  Every year I like to get some new dresses, shorts and beachwear for summertime! This year I thought I would put together a post with my fav items! Direct links are in bold below.

Palm Springs

This striped romper I wore on our recent trip to Palm Springs is so comfy.

Yellow Free People minidress..I had to share!

Crochet linen crop top I am wearing in this photo is such a good deal!

Bought these Levis 501 denim shorts about a month ago and I’ve worn them about 10 times since.  I bought them two sizes up and love how they fit, I personally don’t love the way tight denim shorts look on my behind.

This tie strap dress has a total 70s vibe and I love the fit.

I wore this ruffle sleeve dress and I found this similar one on Urban in a bunch of different colors.  Loving on the violet!

This striped T-shirt front tie dress looks so comfortable, and could also be worn as an everyday item.

Obsessed with this Topshop shift dress.  Anything with wide sleeves and I’m sold!

This striped button front romper would be perfect over a swimmer.

Im so into this Madewell dress...well really anything neutral with stripes.

I love these high waisted, linen draw string shorts.

I could keep going for dayssss…there are so many goodies out right now.  Happy summer friends!!!




The 5 simple things I did to get my hair to grow.


In the past I had such a hard time getting my hair to grow.  I felt like it was stuck at the same length and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing to cause its stunted growth.  I went to hairschool in 2012 and I learned that there were several things I could do to help my hair health.  It wasn’t until the last few years that I really started treating my hair better and seeing some results.  When it comes to my hair I really feel like “less is more.”  The more expensive products I put on my hair the more elastic and stringy it felt.  I decided I would let you know the 5 super simple things I have done to have longer, thicker hair.

  1. Wash it LESS!! This one was hard for me to get used to because I used to wash it everyday.  I have gotten down to 2-3 times a week.  Instead of washing it every time I shower I just put it in a big bun on top.  To get me from wash to wash I use this Batiste dry shampoo.  I love this dry shampoo because you make it as light or as heavy as you want!
  2. Always brush from the bottom when its wet.  I started only using a wide tooth comb like this one when my hair was wet to prevent breakage.  When I get out of the shower I try not to throw my hair up in a towel or really do anything to create more tangles.  I try to put the conditioner in and run my fingers through my hair before I get out of the shower to get it as smooth as possible.  Then I only use my wide tooth comb and brush out a bout 3 inch sections from bottom to top until I get to the root.  I think this has made a big difference in the thickness of my hair because I don’t do unnecessary pulling and brushing.
  3. Don’t blow dry it! So to be able to not blow dry my hair I kind of have to strategically plan out my day so that  I’m not running out the door with soaking wet hair.  I usually will wash my hair and spend the morning doing chores at home.  Obviously I still blow dry it sometimes when I’m in a hurry to be somewhere and look decent and I don’t have the hours to let it air dry.
  4. Hair oil.  I have had this Kenra anti-frizz hair oil for years.  It smells incredible!! I put a pea size in my palm and run it through the ends of my hair to help with tangles as it dries and to add shine to my bleached hair.
  5. Color it carefully and less!! I used to get my hair highlighted every 6-8 weeks! I was super super blonde and that came with a lot of breakage and hair stripped of keratin and protein.  I started coloring it less around the time I was pregnant with Gemma.  I had a hard time finding a stylist I trusted and I decided I was going to start doing the majority of my own hair coloring.  I know that this isn’t an option for everyone but I would just try to find an experienced stylist that is willing to take the time to be fragile with your hair.  I currently color and tone my own hair.  I highlight it every 3 months and when doing so try to avoid overlapping bleach.

Hope you liked this post.  Heres to having healthy hair!

A few of my favorite hair products are listed below..I’m super minimalistic when it comes to hair products but these are a few that I love!

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My Current Skincare Routine



In this post I’m going to share my current skincare routine.  The products I’m currently loving…and why I use what.  In the last 6 months I’ve been completely obsessed with skincare.  I realized that no amount of makeup can really do its job when you don’t have good skin underneath to start with.  Products in bold are links to the exact products I’m using.

STEP 1 – my first step in my skincare routine is using this Garnier Micellar Water.  I drench a cotton pad in this miracle water and use it to take off my eye/brow makeup before anything else.  I thought I’d just copy and paste the info on this stuff off of the Ulta site so you understand why I use it.  ” A multi-purpose cleanser that contains Micellar technology. Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean and refreshed without over-drying. ” There you have it!

STEP 2 – Double cleanse! First I grab a few pumps of this Clinique Cleansing Oil and gently rub my face with it.  I don’t use water, I just put it right on top of my makeup and let the oil do all the work taking my makeup off, after about 30 seconds I use hot water to rinse the cleanser off.  Then I’ll go in with a gentle non-foaming cleanser.  I switch off between the Youth to The People “Age Prevention Cleanser” and the Indie Lee “Rosehip Cleanser”.  I heard about the Youth to The People Cleanser from my friend Kerry’s skincare post! Thanks Kerry!  Its so gentle and effective.  The double cleanse really gets your skin squeaky clean, which helps prevent breakouts and helps the effectiveness of your serums/toners/moisturizers.

Step 3- Tone.  Toning helps balance out the PH of your skin and also removes any excess oil and dirt from the skin.  I switch around with 3 different types of toners.  The Pixie Glow tonic is one of my favorites!  It makes my face feel super refreshed.  The Indie Lee COQ-10 toner is one I use when I’m breaking out.  It has aloe, chamomile, and cucumber extracts that really help calm irritated skin.  I also love the Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel, it smells amazing and is super moisturizing for a toner.

STEP 4 -Exfoliate. 3x a week.  I have loved this Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel.  You only need about 4 pea size dots on your face and you just rub in circles and it gently exfoliates.  It’s weirdly satisfying because you literally see the dead skin thats being taken off.  Rinse with water after.

Step 5 – Serums.  I usually only use one serum at a time because I feel like when you add too many they can have conflicting effects.  Lately I have been loving the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.  I only use this at night.  Its Vitamin C and collagen boosted.  It has made my skin significantly brighter.

Step 6 – Oil.  This Biossance Squalane +Vitamin C Rose oil is a GAME CHANGER.  So good.  It helps smooth fine lines and adds so much moisture.  I put a few drops on my hands and press it into my skin.

Step 7 – Moisturize. I have been loving the Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer.  It really helps with dull and uneven texture while getting in major moisture.  I got the 1.7 oz three month ago and I still have about a 1/4 of it left.  A little goes a long way!  I only use a dime size at a time.  I’m sure you’ve already heard about this Lenaige lip sleeping mask because its all over the internet but its amazing.  I was having a way hard time keeping my lips hydrated and this is one of the things that saved my dry lips. Before bed I spray either my Herbivore Rose water on my face or the Mario Badescu Rosewater facial spray.  Both smell so good!  If I were to choose one I’d go with the Mario because it’s a better price.

The only difference in my skincare routine from morning and night is in morning I omit using the serum and I also switch out my favorite sunscreen for moisturizer in the morning.

I got that container with my cotton rounds from Urban..its actually a beer pint glass but when I saw it I thought it would be the perfect size for my trusty cotton rounds haha.  I couldn’t find this one online but I thought this “peachy” one was super cute too! and for $6

I also use face masks a few times a week..I’ll have to post about my favorites soon!! I’m always trying new products so I’m sure this routine will be a revolving door.  I’m going to keep sharing my current fav’s.

A good skincare routine is the best!  Sounds funny but its kind of therapeutic doing my skincare routine each morning and night.  Hope you liked reading along!!



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Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Picks

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is on! It lasts until June 3rd. Select products are up to 40% off across all categories. I’ve picked out some gooooood finds! Everything listed below is under $100 😱!

1. These Sam Edelman Katy mules are so great for everyday! I just bought them a few weeks back. And 40% off right now!

2. Crushing hard on these nude pointed mules by Marc Fisher

3. These shorts by Levi’s are the perfect midi length. I bought one’s super similar to this and I’m loving that I don’t have to worry about flashing my backside while I wear them 😉

4. This Free People jumpsuit is the ultimate summer piece!

5. Can you tell I’m into mules haha. These Sam Edelman black ones are so good

Summer means white tops right?

6. This BP white long sleeve is only $15 and looks like it would be perfect for everyday.

7. This Free People blouse has been on my wish list for a while..

8. Black Levi’s on sale? Okkkkaaaayyyy thank you

9. This large candle by Capri Blue is $40 instead of $65. In scent muse, one of my favorite of their scents!

10. Topshop jeans that are $35!!

11. Cream babydoll dress would be perfect over a swimmer at the beach

12. This blush set is 30% off right now

13. This checked jumpsuit is under $30!!

14. This wrap dress is super chic and a great timeless piece.

I could keep going for dayzzzzz.

Hope you like these picks.

Happy shopping!!!