Zuzu’s Birth

Suzanna Rose is here!! She joined our family almost a month ago and we are SO happy to have her earthside. The last little while has been so happy and tiring. Zuzu has such a sweet temperament, its crazy how it somehow feels like she has been here way longer than a just a few weeks.

This time around I decided I wanted to understand the whole process of birth better and so I read books, listened to lots of birth stories, watched some documentaries and decided that I wanted to have a midwife and hopefully go unmedicated.

Logan and I took a really great class that helped us wrap our heads around everything a bit better and it was really informative and awesome! Lots of coping techniques and tips for your partner to help you in labor. I always left feeling really excited about not only the babies arrival, but excited about the birth experience as well.

So the actual birth story! Around 37.5 weeks I started having tons and tons of braxton hicks contractions leading up to actual labor. They were really throwing me off because they would be super consistent for like 4 hours and then they would stop. I kept thinking that I was in early labor and they would start getting more intense but sure enough they would stop. After like the 10th day off this I felt kind of defeated and texted my midwife and asked if there was anything we could do to induce labor naturally. Because I was dilated to a 3 over a week before this point she said the only thing we could do was schedule an induction and I agreed to do so. We talked Tuesday morning and scheduled the induction for early the next morning! Which was 2 days before my official due date.

All Tuesday I had contractions but didn’t think much of it because I figured they were just Braxton Hicks again. I got ready for bed and fell asleep for about 45 minutes and ended up being woken up by painful contractions, I was excited and could tell these were different because I had to breath through them.  The contractions were painful but doable on my own so I let Logan sleep.  I just listened to my birth playlist and got ready in between contractions.  So after about 6 hours it was time to head to the hospital for the induction.  I was hoping that I would be more dilated and wouldn’t have to get any pitocin by the time we arrived because this time I was positive I was in labor! 

My parents had come over tuesday evening so we were good to go to the hospital early in the morning.  After we got there and got to our room my midwife arrived and checked me.  I was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.  I was so happy that the contractions were doing their job! 

The midwife broke my water and left us in our room to deal with contractions and for about 2 hours.  I did lots of deep breathing,  Logan did hip squeezes during contractions (I mean, what a champ) and the counter-pressure helped so much with the pain!  The pain was manageable and I felt pretty confident about how things were going. 

The nurse checked me after about 3 hours of labor and I was still at a 6.  I was preparing myself for hours more of contractions.  The nurse had been monitoring the babies heart beat every 20 minutes so that I was free to move throughout labor, but as the contractions progressed it was hard for them to get an accurate reading without having the monitor strapped on my belly.  They suggested that I lay on the hospital bed so they could get a better reading and I agreed but because the contractions were progressing laying on the bed sounded pretty awful.

Really quickly after we started monitoring the baby the contractions got CRAZY painful and it felt like I had almost no break in between them.  I started questioning if I could really continue without medication and I had tears running down my cheeks because this was feeling almost beyond what I could handle.  Logan was super supportive and helpful. Things started getting foggy at this point.  A bunch of nurses started coming in and my midwife arrived.  Even though I wasn’t really aware the nurses recognized that I was in transition and that it was almost time to start pushing. 

After the midwife came in I quickly told her I felt the urge to push.  I felt scared and overwhelmed and was frustrated because I thought I would be so prepared for the pain but when it was so intense almost all my coping skills left my mind and all I could think about was getting away from the pain.  I felt like if there was any way to get out of this situation I would have taken it! Buuuut too late. hah.  Logan, the nurses and the midwife were super encouraging and I began pushing.

After about 10 minutes of pushing and lots of instruction for my midwife, I started getting a hang of what I needed to do to help the baby come out and shortly thereafter the midwife said she had arrived!  The crazy pain was gone immediately and I reached down and grabbed Zuzu and put her on my chest.  I felt so peaceful and happy and was pretty emotional.  I remember saying I thought she looked just like Logan.  She was here with us after what felt like forever waiting for her and I was beyond happy.

My entire pregnancy Zuzu felt like this light that brought me so much peace.  I have had some hard things that I’ve been through the last few years and she gave me this renewed hope and I knew everything in life was worth the bad because the good overshadowed it 1000 times over.

I love my Logan, my Gemma and my Zuzu so so much!  My family means everything.  

Congrats to you if you read this whole post! 

Friday Ramblings


I’ve been wanting to start a journal on here about life and our everyday happenings and I’m calling it “Friday Ramblings” because that title can allow me to pretty much write about anything I want and have it fit haha.

Happy Friday!

These last few weeks have been flying.  I’m 26 weeks pregnant today.  We celebrated Logan turning 28 on the 8th!  Gemma has been in school for almost two months and LOVES it 90% of the time. (which is sort of a miracle!)  Logan’s been pretty busy with work.  With the holidays right around the corner and trying to get things ready for baby girls arrival in January it’s just making the days go by so quick.  I cant decide if I’m loving it or if I just want to stop time and enjoy these last few months while its just the three of us.


One thing I thought I would talk about on this post is what its like to marry your high school sweetheart.  With Logans 28th birthday that we just celebrated it took me back to our high school days, right after we started getting to know each other, because I remember his 18th birthday! crazy right?  I never thought that I would be one to marry my high school sweetheart or that I would get married so young.  Now that we’re 6 years into marriage and almost 10 years together I feel like there are some really amazing things and funny quirks about marrying someone you dated and married at such a young age.

  1. the many memories

we laugh all the time about our young selves and what we were like together.  the music we listened to.  the facebook status’ we would post.  our obnoxious PDA stories.  we have so many memories of our dating life and teenager-hood and I LOVE that.

2. yes, we are grown ups now!

one thing that we found to be kind of funny in the first few years of marriage were the comments some people would make to us. like “wow, didn’t you want to wait to get married till you were a little older?”  I know its a little more rare to get married young but we just sometimes felt like because we got married so young people sometimes felt like we weren’t going to succeed or that we were irresponsible for starting our lives together before solid careers/money/schooling.  For us, figuring out how to do life together was the best for us, and we had to really rely on each others support.

3.  there will always be ups and downs

because we’ve seen each other through so much and grown and accomplished a lot of “milestones” together we’ve learned that just because there might be a super stressful time or experience in life it doesn’t mean its going to last and it also doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.  Life is hard at times but with support of loved ones and our Heavenly Father we can come out on the other side having learned more about ourselves and learning how to really love each other when things might not be pretty, and thats one of the most beautiful things right?

Anyways thats a little bit about our family life right now and some of what its been like for us starting our lives together so young.





Life lately

6G4A84036G4A8430August 27th 20186G4A8439

I’ve been wanting to start journaling more on here.  I get an F for journaling in any other form and I thought it would be a good space to share photos and memories.

Gemma starts Preschool next week!! She keeps saying she doesn’t want to go, but I have a feeling after a few days she’ll be begging me to take her to school.  I’ve been so proud of Gemma lately because I feel like she’s coming into her own so much more.  She’s a pretty shy girl naturally but she’s been so much better about playing with other kids and making new friends.  She is the craziest/silliest girl ever around Logan and I.  We love her big vocabulary and the hilarious things she says. Like…

when we were driving home she said “I’m gonna fall asleep now because I’m tired.  If you have a problem you wake me up, okay?”

We got Gemma a goldfish about a month ago and she was so funny about it.  For the first few hours she treated it like her newborn baby.  She was hovering over the fish bowl watching her fish swim saying things like “Hi fishy! I’ll always keep you safe and I’ll never leave you alone.” or “awwwwwww fishy you’re so sweet!”

She has been asking why why why about everything!

Like “Hey mom, why is that car white?”  Its super cute until she’s on her fifteenth question and theres no end in sight haha.

We signed Gemma up for a princess ballet class and I’m so excited to see her running around in her tutu and ballet slippers.

August 27thShaws in August6G4A8436

Logan is doing great!  He’s working so hard.  His hours are about 7-7 right now and his job is going well.  He is the best to have around and I look forward to him coming home every night!  We spent last night at the beach playing with Gemma and  I can’t wait to add baby girl to the family and especially see how Logan interacts with her.  He’s the greatest Dad.

6G4A84516G4A84456G4A8453I’ve just started feeling baby kicks in the last week!  Its the best!  I got tested early for Gestational Diabetes because I had it with my pregnancy with Gemma and unfortunately I do have it again.  I just met with a nutritionist to go everything again and its really not a hard “diet” to follow.  Just watching my carb intake a little more than normal.  Lately I’ve been reading two different books I’m loving, one I am re-reading is called Real Happiness, its about meditation and the impact it can have on your life.  The other book a friend recommended to me is called Natural Birth in a Hospital.  I’m really enjoying it so far.  I’m hoping to have an unmedicated birth and its been a good read!

We’ve been loving summer time but I’m totally starting to crave fall.  I feel like a basic girl that wants a pumpkin spice candle burning while wearing sweaters and drinking apple cider.